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Mediation for Individuals

Are you in dispute with somebody? It may be with:

  • your neighbour about a boundary or right of way;
  • a builder about unsatisfactory work;
  • your siblings about a will or trust;
  • an insurance company about a claim.

These are just a few of the many types of disputes we have been asked to assist with. We have helped the people involved avoid:

  • Excessive legal costs;
  • Lengthy delays waiting for a court hearing;
  • The uncertainty of the outcome;
  • Wasted hours worrying and preparing for the hearing;
  • Damaged relationships.

We can help you and the people you are in conflict with find a solution to even the most difficult disputes.

Call us now on 0333 323 7730 – we can help you


Whether you are a multi-national corporation, a small business partnership, a local authority, a charity or other type of organisation we can help you with your disputes.

You may want to avoid one or more of the following:

  • Excessive legal cost;
  • Lengthy delays waiting for a court hearing;
  • The uncertainty of the outcome;
  • Wasted management hours;
  • Potential damage to your reputation;
  • Damaged business relationships.

We can help you and the people you are in conflict with find a solution to even the most difficult disputes.

Call us now on 0333 323 7730 – we can help you.


The impact of the Jackson reforms on costs means your clients are keener than ever to resolve their disputes quickly and at a proportionate cost.

Our mediation services offer you a way to serve your clients professionally by obtaining a fair resolution which they are fully involved in at a reasonable cost.

We can also assist with service standards complaints and help you prevent them escalating into complaints to the Legal Services Ombudsman.

We are based in the north east but travel all over the UK to mediate.

If you would to ask us anything about our services call us on 0333 323 7730.

YOUR DISPUTES will be in one of the sectors that the mediators of Northern Dispute Resolutions has trained and practiced in throughout their careers. Our mediators will understand your dispute. Areas of Dispute.

YOUR DISPUTES – Commercial contract matters
YOUR DISPUTES – Construction and Civil Engineering
YOUR DISPUTES – Property and Development
YOUR DISPUTES – Employment
YOUR DISPUTES – Medical negligence
YOUR DISPUTES – Multi party
YOUR DISPUTES – Family, probate, wills and inheritance
YOUR DISPUTES – Partnership and Shareholder
YOUR DISPUTES – Personal Injury
YOUR DISPUTES – Intellectual Property


Welcome to NDR

NDR provides independent, well trained local mediators to work with people who have a dispute (and their solicitors and other professional advisors) to bring disputes to an end quickly and at less expense than taking a dispute to court.

Disputes are brought to an end usually in less than a day, by NDR mediators using the simple, informal and successful process of mediation.

What is mediation?

A process that:

  • involves an independent neutral (the mediator) to facilitate negotiations;
  • is quick, inexpensive, informal and confidential;
  • enables the people with a dispute to reach results not possible in the courts;
  • may benefit both or all people involved, (particularly if this is a continuing business relationship);
  • is usually on the basis that those attending the mediation will participate with authority to settle the dispute.

It can be used whether or not court proceedings have been started, if there are just two people in dispute or many and in local, national or even international disputes.

Who are NDR?

A group of independent, well trained local mediators with various business and professional backgrounds. NDR ensure that they have the right credentials to mediate disputes in this region.

How does it work?

The steps are simple:

  • Contact NDR by phone or e-mail
  • Look at the NDR information about mediators and select a mediator (or ask NDR to select one for you)
  • Sign the NDR Agreement to Mediate which incorporates the NDR Mediation Procedure
  • Prepare. See the NDR advice document What needs to be prepared before a mediation?
  • Attend the mediation.

How much does it cost?

Mediation usually gives great value for money. It has the potential to save or reduce legal fees, court fees, expert\’s fees and management time. The fees charged by NDR are set out in the NDR Fees Table.

How do I start?

Contact the NDR Administrator by phone or e-mail for a no commitment discussion and an explanation of what is involved. (NDR does not give legal advice, nor will any of its mediators. People with a dispute may attend a mediation without a lawyer but NDR strongly recommends that they seek legal advice on their dispute.)

What we do

Northern Dispute Resolutions (\”NDR\”) is a mediator service provider and promotes good practice in Mediation. NDR’s panel of mediators are qualified, experienced and maintain high standards of training to help parties resolve disputes of all kinds, without delay and at a reasonable cost, within the UK and elsewhere. NDR specialises in resolving disputes.  Our mediators come from specialisms as diverse as the law, property, education, engineering, education, health and other professions.  They are also experienced in all other forms of resolution from litigation to arbitrators, independent experts and examiners, adjudicators and others. Our mediators are trained in facilitating agreement of all disputes.  Some parties prefer to appoint a specialist in a particular sector; we can cater for the needs of the parties, whatever the requirement.


We help parties sort out disputes by mediation, which might be thought of as a managed negotiation meeting. One of our mediators will act as an independent neutral. A typical mediation meeting will involve:

  • A joint opening meeting
    Each party has the opportunity to have its say and explain their view of the case.
  • Private and confidential meetings
    The mediator meets with each side in their privare rooms a number of times, working with them to find a solution that each side can agree to.
  • Further joint meetings
    Sometimes there will be more joint meetings if the mediator thinks they will be useful.
  • Settlement agreement
    If an agreement is reached it is written up (usually by the lawyers) and signed to create a binding settlement.

 Telephone Mediation

One of our mediators can help you resolve lower value disputes by acting as independent neutral to arrange negotiations by telephone:

  • Confidential
    The mediator will speak to each side privately by telephone gathering information about the dispute.
  • Solutions
    The mediator will work with the parties to help them uncover their own solution to the dispute and will deliver offers made by the parties.
  • Settlement
    If the agreement is reached it will be written up (usually by the lawyers) and signed by each side to create a binding settlement.

The NDR panel (see OUR MEDIATORS)

NDR has a panel of qualified and experienced mediators from all specialisms.

The mediators also promote the use of mediation across all commercial, public and third sectors.

Regular training is given to University Schools’ of Law, from new graduates starting their course to graduates taking Law Society accreditation.

Support is also given to the Civil Mediation Council and to the Ministry of Justice Mediation Helpline as well as commentary on the development and implementation of the use of mediation.  For example, mediators at NDR have assisted Universities in establishing internal and external mediation provision for student and workplace disputes.

Where we came from

Established in 1995, NDR was formed by a cross-section of professionals, specialists in their own field, who felt that mediation techniques could be applied to better resolve disputes, to reduce the adverse impact that litigation often caused and to act in the best interest of clients.

Where we are going

The use of mediation is growing.  The high success rate of cases referred to mediation, the implementation of the Jackson Report and the decisions of the Courts in relation to referral to mediation and costs implication are ensuring that more cases are being referred to mediation.

Realisation that mediation can also be used early in a dispute is also gaining ground, particularly where relationships and a team-working ethic are important.


Northern Dispute Resolutions Limited, company number 03746044, is a company limited by guarantee and is a not for profit organisation. The Registered Office and correspondence address is: 1 Trinity Chare, Broad Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DF

The directors are: David Armstrong, David Hilton, Kevan Carrick, Malcolm Gregor, Michael Brown, Peter Fall, Robert Langley.

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