Mediation…Meeting the needs of the party

How many say “It wont happen to me” or do not realise that differences of opinion can escalate into disputes that cause delay, stress, loss of money and broken relationships? Each of us strive to avoid contention and litigation, but there are times when help is needed to find a resolution.

Rather than jump into litigation, why not seek support from a mediator to facilitate resolution to the dispute? A mediator will help each party to a dispute to search for a solution to resolve matters. This means that each party will decide what is right or acceptable to them and that any agreement meets their needs. This is different to a decision by any court or tribunal, which will decide on the facts and the law. This is very restrictive and means there is a winner and a loser i.e. the decision is imposed on the parties, despite their needs.

Disputes cost a lot, not only in money, but also in the hidden costs in stress, lack of focus on important other business matters, breakdown of relationships with important customers, or in the case of internal differences, between important team members.

The experienced mediator will work with the parties, is not restricted by legal precedent, but can explore other avenues to meet the needs of the party – such as future work and improved relationships.

Mediation is a way of quick, value for money resolution – why not give it a try?

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